Finding Your Unicorn

Earlier this fall, a few of the Bing Bang crew had the opportunity to head to Boston meet up with inbound marketing agencies like us at Inbound 2017, a three-day conference all about content marketing (okay, more like marketing extravaganza!) held by Hubspot. While there, not only did we get to network and hear from famous influencers like Michelle Obama and John Cena, we also got to take a deep dive into some of the latest trends and newest best practices – great things for us to take back to all of our Des Moines-based marketing clients and beyond.

I’m not going to lie, when you’re inundated with this awesome content, you take a lot of notes during the breakout sessions and kind of let it all wash over – there’s so much good stuff and so little time!

I mean, raise your hand if you have a gallery of photos on your phone of power point slides that you no longer have any idea of what they mean. But through the noise of marketing awesomeness, one concept brought to life at the conference really resonated with me – the one about the unicorn vs. the donkey (yep, you read that right). 

 Unicorn, Donkey, Unicorn, Donkey. 

When I sat in on a session led by Larry Kim (current CEO at Mobile Monkey and founder at Wordstream), I was hooked. Not only was I greeted by a slide deck of awesomeness that looked like it had been prepared by Rainbow Brite, filled with attention grabbing visuals and vivid images, but Larry was great at identifying a very valuable, yet simple marketing concept (but one many marketers) ignore. 

That concept? Some of our brands’ marketing content is a unicorn and some of it – well, most of it, is a donkey. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, unicorns only appear every so often after all. It’s okay to acknowledge that some of your content marketing efforts have landed with a thud (a big, donkey-sized thud). We live in a time when content is described as binge-worthy or not…(see Mackenzie’s blog last week) – the bar is high and sometimes we aren’t going to clear that bar. Instead of tearing your hair out trying to top your brand’s last successful foray into content creation – think about that unicorn a bit more. A quick rule of thumb: think of your unicorn content as your top 10 percent performing content across your various channels. How can you maximize that unicorn-worthy content as much as possible?   

But My Video Didn’t Go Viral?!?!?!? 

You might be thinking …  but, but all my content is a donkey. I am not raking in tens of thousands of views and hundreds of engagements. Just remember – it’s not about having the latest viral video.  Trying to make viral happen is kind of like trying to make fetch happen – it’s either going to happen or it’s not. Your better bet? Making content that resonates and engages with your distinct audience in a way that drives awareness or actionThat’s your unicorn. What content are you creating that fits this bill? Once you’ve found it, don’t let go. It’s time for your unicorn to have unicorn babies (yes, that’s a slightly disturbing content marketing metaphor, I get it). 

Trying to make viral content is like trying to make “fetch” happen!

 Maximize Your Content Mileage. 

How do you help your unicorn content have babies? It’s simple – think about integrated marketing content strategies and then apply it to your content creation schedule. For example, you might think you’ve found a topic that will really engage your audience. Maybe pilot that topic with an engaging, yet fairly easy-to-produce blog post. Let’s say that blog post performs in the top 10% of your blog content for the last 6 months. It’s a perfect time to repurpose that blog content into a kick-butt video script, and create video content. That video performs in the top 10% of your online video content, now it’s time to make a sweet infographic on that very same topic … you get the idea. Don’t have a short attention span – when you’ve got a unicorn by the horn, roll with it! 

Ready to create your rainbow-colored, glittering piece of content? The Bing Bang team would love to help you find your next content unicorn? Click here, and tell us a bit more about what you’re looking for. 

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