Fighting the Sunday Scaries


Weekends are great, aren’t they? For most, weekends provide a much deserved “time-out” to a busy week filled with meetings, to-do lists and early alarms that make the curse words flow like wine.

Yeah, weekends are great.

Well, most of the weekend, anyway. Let’s break it down:

Friday afternoons without question, are an absolute delight. The weekend is fresh and filled with so much potential! Will the weekend include a road trip somewhere? Two days filled with uninterrupted cleaning? Maybe a beverage or two while watching some football?! The possibilities are ENDLESS.

And Saturday. Well, Saturday is basically your oyster. It’s the best day of the weekend, hands down. Everyone loves Saturdays. I even considered naming my first child Saturday…until several people told me that was a very poor decision.

…Then there is Sunday. Oh, Sunday. Don’t get me wrong, Sunday mornings can be great. The memories of Saturday are still fresh and everything seems fine. Maybe you attend a church service or have a reservation at your favorite breakfast spot for mimosas and instagram worthy avocado toast!

But, Sunday afternoon is when things tend to get a little dicey for a lot of people. The anxieties of the impending week start to creep in, reminding you all about those meetings, lists and alarm clocks you were JUST beginning to forget about. We call this feeling The Sunday Scaries. Oh yes, the Sunday Scaries are all too real for several people, and as the day goes on, the feelings associated with the Scaries tend to intensify. These feelings can range from nervousness, anxiousness and even sadness.  

Cue the Debbie Downer music: waaaa, waaaaa. NOT COOL.


But, just a wait a second. There is good news, and it’s the fact that you CAN fight those Sunday Scaries and send them runnin’ back to wherever the heck it is they came from in the first place. With a few simple tricks, you can get back to enjoying your Sunday without that same impending doom feeling in the pit of your tum tum that you get from watching Titanic…

…just me?

Tricks to Fighting the Sunday Scaries:

Prepare & Organize.
Or, organize and prepare. I don’t really care what order you do it in, as long as you do it. Take a few minutes to organize your thoughts, documents, work bag, emails, whatever – so everything is right where you need it Monday morning. On top of organizing, prepare yourself as much as you can. Get your Keurig ready, plan your outfit, or even fuel up your car! Once your STUFF is organized, your thoughts tend to be as well – meaning you won’t be the scatterbrained hot mess rolling into work Monday morning. Go you!

Treat Yoself
Mondays can be hard, damnit, and you are an amazing talented unicorn who deserves only the best (remember that, k?) including the occasional incentive FROM you, TO you. Giving yourself something to look forward to is a good way to ease the blow of the start of a busy week. Take a little bit of time on Sunday to decide how you’re going to indulge (if even just a little bit). It could be anything from picking up the largest hot vanilla chai your local coffee shop sells on the way to work, a new podcast to dive into or even a new power outfit that makes you feel like the HBIC (Head Bob in Charge). This “treat”, whether it be big or small, will help get your mind right and make Sunday a little less scary and a little more sweet.

David and Victoria Beckham own them in the relationship department, Ashley Graham owns them in the body department and Morgan Freeman SLAYS them in the narrator voice department.

What are they?

Goals, honey! Goals! We’ve all got them, and if not, we all need them. Goals – whether they be personal or professional – small or grandiose – are extremely important to growth and development. The best thing about a goal is that it’s yours and nobody else’s. If someone has an opinion about your goal, just smile and keep grinding – and maybe picture them in their underwear? Take those goals and write them down to hold yourself accountable. Once those puppies are in ink, they’re the real deal and it’s time to get to work. Starting the week with a fresh set of goals will give you something to look forward to achieving, making Sunday night and Monday morning less daunting and more exciting.

Get. Your. Sleep.

Sleep is so incredibly important, especially before a big and productive week. If you’re feeling especially bad ass today, plan for an early bedtime, or, if you’re able, really show those Sunday Scaries who’s boss by taking a nap. Whoever decided naps were just for kids clearly had no idea what they were talking about. Naps are gold, and if you can manage one, you’ll be rich with happiness, and Sunday will be that much better.

Say it out loud.
Own your day by simply saying to yourself: “I’ve got this!”, or, my personal favorite, “I am an amazing, talented unicorn who deserves only the best, and I’VE. GOT. THIS!”. I can’t tell you the science behind it, but I do know that verbally putting it out into the universe somehow helps. We all remember how Kevin handled the scary basement furnace in Home Alone, right? Well, do the same thing to your Sunday Scaries. It might feel silly to do, but you are the only one that controls how your day, your week or even your year will go, and you DO have this all under control. You’ve got this. I believe in you.

And there you have it. A few ways to tackle those Sunday Scaries head on. Do these things and get back to enjoying your Sunday! You deserve it! If you need a visible reminder, take this graphic and look at it whenever you need that extra confidence boost!

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