Don’t Throw THAT Away!

It was about one week ago today, a few days before Thanksgiving, when my thirteen-year-old son cleared his throat (you know he has something he thinks is important to say when this obvious cue comes in) and said, “Dad, in just three more days I won’t have any school for a whole week, and that’s good because I plan on eating like a pig! I looove Thanksgiving.” 

Now, before you get all preachy on me, he does know Thanksgiving is about other things, too. Gratitude, tradition and family are not lost on him. But, come on. Let’s face it. The food is one of the main events, right? Besides the loving company of my in-laws, crotchety Uncle Kevin’s never ending political talk, less than average football matchups and inflatable Power Rangers making their way down Park Ave, it’s one of the things we look forward to the most at our house over Thanksgiving.

Well, this year, it took center stage like it always does. And, today, a week after Turkey-day gobbling? It continues to.  

You see, there’s no way that one family table of 9 can put a sizable dent in the spread that my wife throws down. From spatch-cocked turkey (yes, Jeff, that really is a thing) and ham balls (yes, I meant to put them in the same sentence) all the way to super-sized platters of mac’n cheese, mashed potatoes, salads, sprouts and about a dozen more sides, our Thanksgiving dinner fills our lunch and dinner menus for the week to come. 

The leftovers are just that damn good. In fact, some of my friends argue that they’re better than the dinner itself. For the record, I’ll debate that and say they’re just as good. (Come on, now. My wife will probably read this. I’m not that silly.) 

So, why am I writing this? Because as I take a bite of one of my fave post-Thanksgiving leftover creations, I got to thinking about leftovers and content marketing. Far stretch? Maybe. But, hear me out.  

Think about it this way. My wife spent days slaving in the kitchen to prep. From the brining and the peeling, to the baking and the carving, all of that time was spent focused on just one amazingly bountiful feast. And, that feast? Well, it’s just like your content. I mean it took weeks to create that video, right? When you pepper in deployment, promotion and consumption, we might even be talking months before it’s being enjoyed by your audience.  

Just like no one in my house will be throwing out any morsels or mouthfuls in the near future (all of our leftovers are neatly labeled with throw-out dates in foil pans), you can’t just let your content time investment be for just one use.  You can reuse that content, reformat it in different ways and even use some clips from the cutting room floor to make the most out of it, just like that turkey day grub.  Turn that e-book into an infographic. Transform those best performing blogs into animations. Or break down your brand video into social media sharables before they get stale!  

It’s not a new concept. It’s been called “evergreen” for years –  an extremely efficient and affordable way when it comes to content. Coming up with killer ideas is one of the hardest parts of inbound or content marketing as a whole. So, having to cut down on the brain power to come up with the next best thing every week will save your company time and money. If your agency is telling you to recreate the wheel every single time, I say we send ’em to Uncle Kevin for the next Thanksgiving as punishment.   

won’t be heading that way. I, along with my boy, will be at home eating like a pig – on Thanksgiving AND after. After all, I can’t make my favorite leftover creation until the main event is over! 

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