Battling Your Brand Blahs By: Jean Kaul


Let’s talk branding, Des Moines! (Okay, you can stop rolling your eyes at us now). We know hearing the word “brand” or “branding” can drive a lot of folks both in and out of the Des Moines marketing industry (and others) a bit nuts. Way too many of us have had to sit through endless presentations on the power of brand without feeling like we’re learning very much of anything other than the latest marketing buzzwords. Well, at Bing Bang, we’re all about the no-nonsense approach when it comes to video production in Des Moines, and we’re here to tackle your latest branding challenge with the same straight shooting approach. After all, that awesome brand video you’ve been dreaming up in your head won’t do much for your business if it doesn’t align with your brand values and voice.

So, just how do you make sure you’re defining your brand in a way that makes sense for your business? Check out some of our suggestions below, and holler at us if you’d like to set up your very own brand workshop with our brand nerds.

 No Objectives? We Object!

First things first, it’s all about defining your goals. Where do you see your business in 5 years, and what are the steps along the way to get you there? Without clear objectives for your business, it’s going to be impossible to get a firm handle on your brand.

Give the People What They Need. Who Are the People?

You’ve set the goal? Good for you. You’re 90% of the way there! We’re kidding, but only sort of. Now, it’s all about drilling down into your target markets – whether it’s a certain geography, age demographic or your next-door neighbor (that’s only slightly creepy!). The more specific the better – that goes for your objectives, too. Vague target markets and goals lead to crappy results. Let’s not forget that those target markets / segments / next-door neighbors have needs – that’s why they want your product or service! Get those needs down on paper.

Don’t Be a Part of the “In-Crowd”. 

Keep your friends close, and keep your enemies (or brand rivals) from nipping at your heels. Know thy enemy … the list goes on from there. Platitudes aside, understanding what sets you apart from your competition will help you distill what differentiates you from the “other guys.” And once you have those differentiators set, you can create a brand that’s truly you – not just a duplication of everybody else in your market.

Getting to the Good Stuff.

Now, we’re getting there. Objectives. Check. Key markets. Check. Customer Needs. Check. Competitors. Have the voodoo dolls ready. Differentiators. Got ‘em in spades.

Once you’ve got these arrows in your brand quiver, it’s time to hit some targets.

What’s Your Brand Aura Saying?

Discovering your brand’s essence and values are made a lot easier once you’ve spent some time on understanding how your brand is currently positioned, and what your goals are moving forward. Now, it’s time to mix your brand’s culture, behavior, and differentiators into a deadly (awesome) brand cocktail. Think of your brand values and essence almost like a brand aura. We’re seeing lots of orange and green. Hmm, perhaps you’re bold and passionate about sustainability?

It’s the “inside stuff” that is lived out loud through your brand’s voice and style. Brand attributes can range from customer-centric to forward-thinking to timeless. These characteristics make your brand more human, engaging and personal.

Judge a Brand Book by Its Cover.

You know how your Mom said, “Don’t judge a book by it’s a cover?” Well in the case of good brands, please, please judge the brand (book) by its cover. Once those brand attributes are identified, it’s time to get to work living those values out loud with your brand’s voice. The best brands don’t have gaps between values, voice, and behavior. These brands seamlessly match the inside with the out. The result: Authenticity. And let’s face it, authentic brands are the brands that thrive and stand out.

So, whaddya think? Feeling mehhh about your brand style?  Tired of staring down your management team in a conference room as you try to narrow down a 3-paragraph brand promise into one succinct phrase that reflects your business? We’d love to help you out. Holler at us here, and learn more about our brand workshop offering. We promise it’ll be worth your time, and we’ll have a bit of fun on the way – because that’s the Bing Bang way!

Until then, here’s a quick video of one brand that has truly defined themselves. Watch it and you’ll see that these dairy purveyors are as cool with their branding as their ice cream goodness is.


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