6 Types of Videos to Use in Your Marketing and Sales Funnel

This past week, the Bing Bang crew had a blast in Beantown hanging out with like-minded marketers and some of the industry’s most sought after thought-leaders at the annual inbound marketing conference put on by our partner, Hubspot. From hearing the inspirational messages of world-renowned superstars like Michelle Obama, Brene Brown and John Cena to getting down to the nuts and bolts of marketing with our inbound and video production peers, Inbound 2017 was a productive (and busy) conference!

If you’ve ever met with us, or know a little about our story, you know that video production has been our backbone. It’s how the company started and remains an integral thing in everything we do. You’ve also probably heard from us that video now makes up close to 70% of all internet traffic. (Even more so when you drill down to mobile and some of the more popular apps like Facebook, Snapchat and the gang.) So, it was no surprise to us when video basically stole the show. Sure, the usual suspects like SEO, lead generation and analytics were there. This year, though, video took center stage.

As a HubSpot partner agency, we know the buyer’s journey and the content funnel like the back end of our own website. And, since Des Moines video production and Bing Bang have been synonymous with each other for as long as this agency can remember, it’s awesome to see video become a huge part of inbound and content marketing. So, we thought we might take a moment to look at a handful of the different types of video and how they might apply to your inbound strategy and buyer persona’s journey. If any of them strike your fancy and you want to learn more, just let us know!


You can find these two different video formats (among others) at the top of the funnel. These videos are designed to entertain and educate.

· The Demand Generator.

It is here where some visitors are first introduced to your brand. Needless to say, these pieces should evoke an emotion and make a connection with your audience in hopes that they will explore your product/services more. Production value is a must here as well as a robust, coordinated digital deployment campaign. A fun example? Remind yourself about Poo-Pourri’s first video marketing efforts. More of an educational and thought-provoking approach? Check out this awesome video from Swiss.

· The Social Cyclone

This type of video is produced to cause a commotion on the social channels that are appropriate to your brand. Whether you’re a B2C that lives among the Facebook crowd or if you’re a B2B that connects with the C-Suiters on Linkedin, the Social Cyclone videos should snag your audience’s attention within 5 seconds. Don’t let them scroll down! Social cyclone videos are also a great place for a call-to-action. Place them at the end to entice the viewer to learn more. Examples? How about Apple Music’s T-Swift campaign or LG’s Low Battery Anxiety campaign.


For the middle and lower-middle level travelers of your funnel, your videos should peel back some of the layers of your services/product. Since viewers in your funnel have been exposed to your brand with your attract content, these videos should explain more about you and why your viewers should choose you over a competitor.

· The Premium Explainer

These videos could be produced with live-action, steeped in motion graphics or done with a whiteboard-animation style. Regardless of the style that you use (which should match your brand,) in these videos your brand should be the guide. It is your customer that should be positioned as your hero. Don’t make the mistake of these clips being all about you. Be sure to note your differentiators and explain exactly how your organization works. Here are some examples from unroll.me and one of our favorite office tools, Spotify.

· The Thought-Leader

One of our sessions looked at this particular video format in-depth. Everyone agreed that this type worked extremely well to capture more interest in your product. These videos could include high-performing case studies, product walkthroughs done by thought leaders or the top brass at your company or within your industry discussing what the next big thing is (hint: your product!) Intel does an incredibly effective job of using this style in their video advertising. Here’s an inspiring example.

· The Tipping-Point Testimonial

We hear it all the time from prospects and clients. Referrals and word-of-mouth still run the game. And we don’t disagree. So, why not take those happy customers you’ve worked so hard to please and turn them into a spokesperson for you? It’s like bringing your list of references to life! Here, you can answer your prospect’s final questions or clear the obstacles of those close to buying. It’s final decision time so be sure to offer up content that your audience relates to. Also, consider using more than one person and keep these clips concise and to the point! Want an example? Sure you do. Check out this awesome effort from Slack and an equally effective one from one of boss-man Brandon’s fave tools, Evernote.


It’s time to take those customers and make them your biggest fans, your advocates, your evangelists. After all, once they’ve become a customer, you want them to come back for more, right? And, in this world of social media that we live in, it’s beneficial to get that ‘share’, recommendation or referral.

· The Cultural Capture

The cultural capture video is a hybrid of sorts: mix elements of brand video with equal parts belief and value-based content. Explain your mission, illustrate trust and connect on a deeper level. Some may argue that these types of videos belong at the top of the funnel. We like to argue that they could be both, but understanding your unique customers and their needs and behaviors go a long way in defining where your culture video (and all others) will truly engage the best. Some of the best culture capturing brands in the video game are always pushing out new causal marketing videos. If you’d like, check these out from Starbucks, Ben & Jerry’s and Patagonia.

There are many more types of videos for your funnel in each of these categories. Along with them, plenty of best practices for deployment and promotion. For example, we loooove the use of video in emails for each step of the way in your inbound funnel, but that’s a topic for another blog. So, stay tuned!

Are you a video nerd like us? Or, would you like to learn more? Whichever you may be, we’d love to chat moving pictures and how they could leverage big wins for you! Just drop us a line right here!




Source: Jeremy Pryor, 09/26/17, Inbound 2017

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